Pencanting tegar


time is running out

it was 2 am in the morning
i saw the sky
is not as dark as it should be
reddish line stripes the night

and now
its 7 pm in the evening
the sky still
bright as it was 5 pm
cheating the reckless human
sleeping still playing with dreams

i wonder
if i ever still have the time
the time to see my future
proudly stand with my cert
happily see my parents' tears of joy
dancing beautifully through the sky
meeting my future husband
have a wonderful marriage
experience the joy of being parent
compiling my ibadah for the next world
live till the end of my time
with full of blessing from Allah SWT
and die with the smile of satisfaction

i wonder
if i ever being a true human
that had promised Allah
to do what He has asked
left what He has forbid
am i a good servant to You ya Allah?
the road to Your Jannah is still far from me
seems so far...

i have made so many sins
and scared if i ever died the next day 
or maybe today
or maybe for the next hour, minute, second..
cause im not ready
for the cruelty that i made

i need more time ya Rabb
i know the world has coming to its end
and so are we
but please
enlighten us with Your hidayah
show us the Siraatul Mustaqim
help these weak humans
easily fall to the Syaitan's favour
some manage to get up back and walk straight
some just keep falling but still trying to stand back
but some just drowning...

With all your Greatness
help us
help this entire humanity
to remember You
to remember the Great You.



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