Pencanting tegar


shall we?

human's intelligence getting advanced time to time
day by day
year by year
but yet
we have not covered the entire knowledge of universe

an ant in the sea
is what we are to the universe

the knowledge were told
long before the Renaissance arise
found in Al- Quran
but still
most Muslims have not noticed any
happily live in the edge of westernity
notice nothing but pleasure
how pathethic we can be?

depending Allah's knowledge from the west
while the Al- Quran in front of our eyes has not yet been covered
or even been read
or maybe they don't have any

we shall think it deeply
and be a proud Muslim

had no fear except to our one and only God = Allah SWT.


Fahmishah said...

muslims still sleeping.

fadzlina said...

lets wake them up

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