Pencanting tegar


Living under shades


Who would have thought at this time of age where starts to settle down having family of their own I am still floating over under mysterious shades of life.

I am certainly not. This is so not what I have been dreaming of. A pathetis life I guess. But if only we try to flip over the shadow's page we'll actually see the definite light through the book.

Life has not been easy on me. Well, God has never promise that though. He promised for those who follow will find the infinite happiness and for those who don't, suffers.

Shit things happens and I kept floating over the sky of hope. At this moment, there is no time for shenanigans. No matter how I ogle the "Guide of life for dummies" but without action, good things ain't happening.

This is definitely not a post of complaining or banking over life. No bitch its not. It just a space for me to murmured my story with the hope that for whoevaaaa read this, they shall get something. Inspiration what we always called it right?

Youngsters busy galavating over hipsters stuff and I ain't think its even cool. Nope.
Busy updating while you forgets to be decent with others on reality.

So much to say, so much to do. But, I don't know. Maybe its the sins hovering me from the goals. Please, Allah. Rescue me.

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