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Last Saturday was well spent with my long-lost girlfriends. My gosh, after seeing them and having chitchats, I really think I was only a sweet 17-teen young girl!


Aku rasa kebanyakan depa tak berubah pun. Dan aku memang rasa aku berubah dari dulu 'pendiam' and now turned to 'banyak cakap' one. And ALLLLL of them strongly DENIED it. Haha. 

Anyway, bukan bnde ni yang aku nak cerita. My bestie spent a night at my house so that we can go together to Sarah's wedding on the next day. Yeah, she made me realize many things. First, not all of us are blessed with all good good things. Second, some people just have high tolerance of compliments. They wont get affected by it. In this context, they have severe level of self confidence issue. Third, every girl's dream is to get married and live happily ever after. The problem is, HOW?
How to get the right guy?
How to know he is the one?
How to handle the previous wound?
How to make a man we love to love us back?

To me, the answers to allllll of these questions is,... to love yourself first. Love the way you look. With or without make up. Fair or tanned. Pretty or not. Because we are just simply beautiful. Have faith in yourself.

And most of all, jaga KABEL dengan Allah. Kalau solat pun lubang- lubang, selalu buat perkara yang Allah tak suka, acaner nak dapat berkah tu?

and these maniacs are the coolest craziest happiest hottest nicest kindest human beings that you can called them 'FRIENDS TILL JANNAH'

How you choose your friends, the environment you're in, its important. The 3 persons above may be the cruellest person when it comes to sarcasm, but they never let you down alone. They will either lift you up, or go low as you are to play rolling blocks. HAHA

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