Pencanting tegar


Aku yang kau lihat


some people, No. Most of people thinks that I am a snob

Hell no I am not. I am very friendly.

Everyone does have their boring and fun sites.
I am a boring person yet I am crazy like raarr!

I want the whole world smiles so I smiled to them.

When you annoys me I do this face.

To see something that I hate, I shut my eyes.

Try to control myself. 
I shut my mouth & let my action speaks.

Last but not least, I am not the one that you see. 
I'm just more than that.
Both good and bad.

Saving the good ones, deleting the bad ones.
One by one.
Peace. ;)


docmz-sensei said...

perghhh... vogue gler kak... haha

Anonymous said...


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CKB said...

haha! sengal nye zuer -,-


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