Pencanting tegar



its been a while now.. so lazy lorr to update this blog because i don't have idea to put in this damn thingy.

last week..nothing much had happened..only usual boring thing..
owh yea..i went to klcc for spree..:P
got sale maaaa.. was last friday..
i got my two pink tshirts at less than RM40!akaka

i want to buy handbag and shoes (wedges and flats)..
but unfortunately can't find any attractive one..most of them are just so SO lame looking..
well you know..they are not attractive or maybe cute enough to make me take them home..

even if there IS the one that makes me in love...that will be at RM 200 and above..damn it!
its not because i can't afford it...its know...maybe its better to keep the note than spend it..

okay...okay....i can't afford it..happy?
its too wayyyyy beyond my pocket...i saw some shirts..
not so attractive or fashonise enough..but..okaylaa
stripes2..i like it!i already took it but then...
i saw the tag price..
RM 286 and above with no discount!
shit!whyla so expensive..the shirt just like any ordinary shirts that u can find at pasar malam..ahaha exaggerating...not pasar malam.. at ordinary mall..huhu

okay,sorry..this entry don't have any pictures..too lazy to put lah..
i know2..u must be feel so bored to read this right?
ahaha...i dont care...blablabla..


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