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5 webs and blogs that i love!~

okay...a blogger and also my friend that is Mohammad Fahmi just tagged me.He had just passed the tag to 5 other bloggers..and i..the first on the list!wahh!!!lucky!!thank you2!!

now..let's see..the five webs that i love to visit..~~

of course i always visit this site because i want to check my emails that has been sent to me..

this site?to check my surf for any updated fashions and blablabla..

hehe..this is my game site..:D
yeah..its lame..but who cares?i love it!:P friendship-last-long site!:D

to-keep-friends site...:D

and now..the top 5 blogs!
jimmy choo's purse

okay..that's it...
i just don't know to whom will i pass this tag's it..tata~~

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