Pencanting tegar



last saturday..i went with my girlfriends to midvalley to watch CJ7...
i tell ya...the movie was great and funny!:P've found more shoes while im surfing the google.. totally craZee about shoes..high heels...
but now,i prefer to flats...cute comfy flats..:D
its really hard u noe to find cute comfy flats..
because today..there are just cute flats but not comfy..urghh..i hate it..

now,im in love with my new cute comfy flat from HAWKEYE...its cute,black and totally comfortable..and i love it..sorry,but im too lazy to put the pic of the shoe here..:P

okay..these are the flats..that i adore..:D

this is from nana..its brown..cute..flat..and comfy..
i'll buy it soon...seriously..haha

and this is from DRU New York..
it looks...cute..comfy..and its black...


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