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Missing the missed misses

Though it has been quite sometime being a hiatus to certain people that does not mean I am completely out of the circle. It just may seem I am hibernate for a while to catch up my breath at my own world.

Hurt. Scars. Memories.

These may be quite a negative words to be put up a "happy life" dictionary but without them, life won't be sweet. It's true its hurt when those scarring scaring the shit out of you. Not that scared scare. Just scared in reminding you the feeling back then. You know? The-not-happy-moment-we-shared-but-pretends-to-be-cool-but-you-are-pissed-off-still?

Sometimes its not the big things that matters, its the small things that had been missed.

Kinda missing those little moments but I guess they are so busy catching up trendy hashtags and hipsters or whatever the kids called them. I guess I am just too old for these superstar instagram social media damn things. I burst what I wanna say. And anyway, I am not been very talkative (or maybe writative?) to social media thingy. Especially when it comes to my personal life. So why do you wanna give f'ed to every words I say and what I did?

Sorry, too busy contented with happiness and just don't give a damn shit about you guys. Ops, sorry. That was uncalled. A lie perhaps. I DO care.

Disappointed. I think that's BEST describe what I felt. For like now? I just don't care. Won't care.

I am now upgrading my life. Alhamdulillah, things surely gets better and good.

I fell several times and most of the times I was being lifted by Him. The One that never left me. He is The One and Only I can depend on. The one that Forgives.

He surely understands my mess and charms. Though the dark spots scattered all over the place. He brings out the stars in me. Thank You Allah. How can I be so ungrateful..

Just stop meddling other peoples life. Or at least, just stop being a douche. Or hoe. Its disturbing.

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