Pencanting tegar



Pepagi lagi dah spoil. Puii

Pernah korang jumpa orang yg best to hang out with pandai et al tapi bangang akhlak? Pernah? Pernah?

Kadang- Kadang a simple explanation with the right tone should be okay rather than raising your voice. Especially when it comes to someone older and the presence of outsider. If you really do not respect the elder, just have a litlle respect to your ownself.

Because you're reallu putting yourself low by being such a buffany buffoon.

Then baru nak explain bagai? The core of the matter is really not merely the reason, it's the attitude during the situation.

You know, if you are being such a bitch, the one that lingers is the dog.

I think you owe an apology. Sincerely. Only if you know what is sincere does mean to you.


Alongxp said...

rileks... tenang... cool... ingat je, apa yang kita bagi, kita akan dapat balik, manalah tahu apa yang dia buat hari ni kat awak, nanti orang akan buat kat dia pulak? sabar ok?

CKB said...

Tengah sabar je ni. Mujur ada blog. Dapat la gak luah.hiks


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