Pencanting tegar


How was I doing?

Being an occupational therapist ain't that easy.

It's already been a week here. Yeah, in this hospital. Sungai Buloh. For this first week, I think I am the dumbest person on earth.
Down. One best word to describe me.

Lacking of skills, knowledge, communication skill really turns me off for being an OT. Stop judging people.
Everyone have their very own perspectives of life. Their own coping skill.
Mine? Maybe good enough to not being a psychiatric. Yet?

Depression, blues are running around my head on an on. But hey, I came all the way from KL to learn right?
I should not stop here right?

Sigh. It's hard to be occupational therapist. We have to handle patients holistically.
Head to toe. In and out.

Sometimes, I regret to not listen to my heart before.
OT is something that I know. But it's not something that I like, something that I adore of.

It's a little too late to regret this.

However, throughout these 3 years... OT is quite interesting profession. I am kinda like it. I shall nurture the love ine me with OT.
InsyaAllah.. I will make it through.

p/s: I just love art.
      Ya Allah, do guide me throughout this journey. Ameen.


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