Pencanting tegar


perasaan itu

This feeling matter cannot be forced.
But, it can be nurtured.


We can never really know what the love feels like
Until we lose it

Love itu bukan sekadar berkasih
Love itu sayang
When you sayang seseorang
U want to be with her,
Be the best guy in the world. Not just for her
Its for both of you
For your future

The one that you love,
Is someone that you comfortable with,
someone that can reminds you when you're lost your way
someone that really cares for you by just texting " take care"
someone that can makes you a better person
You can never really feel the love with this person
Because she had took care of it very well
Carefully taking care of it


Jangan terlepas pandang dengan love seperti ini
You will never feel the real love
Until you discover it by yourselves

Love is something that cannot be forced
It comes naturally
Something that comes naturally takes time
So, be patient.
It can be nurtured.

Just.. Believe.


Cik_Shiqah said...

huhu ada apa dgn cinta?
haha ;p

fiena said...

a'ah ek? apa ada pada cinta?huhu


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