Pencanting tegar


KOSONG = nothing

There's nothing to write here
Suddenly I feel so alone
Ain't know why

Well, I am still.. nobody
I'm just nobody to you.
Just a friend.
Well, I guess that's good enough.
What more can I expect?
At least a hint perhaps?

Forget it.


Somehow you can't really tell how much you hate someone.
Nor how much you love someone.
It's something abstract, subjective and cannot be put into words.
You can just feel it.

And both of them hurts u.

*prepare some medication for heartbreaking treatmement.


unieMARKS :) said...

loneliness is torment .
huu , im agree with you , to love , to hate . they hurt us :)

fiena said...

yea.. sakit hati kena rawat senirik. huhu

luckneverexist said...

still need some more hint huh?

luckneverexist said...

still need some more hint huh?

fiena said...


luckneverexist said...

lorh.. asal my comment keluar 2 kali?

maybe? shall i ask for the same thing too? more hint? [>_<]

fiena said...

errr... jgn tiru org lahhh


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