Pencanting tegar


ada apa pada rupa?

y does people always look at on the looks?
i have this dearest friend
who is  so pretty and smart
who is so great and wonderful
who is so nice and kind
but seems like no one..i mean GUYS to have interest

and because of the LOSER guys who can't see what is behind her looks
she feels so devastated
she is upset because no one likes her

dear my friend
u are pretty  and i want u to know that
those people can't see it because they are blind
u are nice and that's all matters
m not saying this because u are my best friend
even if u are my enemy i have to admit the truthness about u ( well.. unfortunately she's not my enemy ) ^.^

to  your people which u called friends!
who said that u are only suitable to those guys who are begging a penny to eat???
WTF with those statements!
u are not so DAMN desperate for that!
what were they thinking?
they are so not that pretty i must say!
they have such shitty brain stuck up in their head !

u are not buying with those statements aren't u?
that's all lies!
get it out from your brain and start thinking that u are great and the guys who just don't see u.. they are just not great enough for u
got it??

shitla with your friends tu..
i really want to kill them.

hodoh je muke dorg..xdela lawa sgt kan smpai nk ckp ko cmtu kn?


princeduyong said...

syukur kerana tuhan masih kurniakan hidung...

fadzlina said...


NLI said...

thanks a lot tp ko xkan ckp dorg buruk if ko tgk gamba dorg. ok?
m not buying it but those statement give me strength. heeee ;)

fadzlina said...

ala..da tgk da gmba dorg...mke bajet cun..mmgla dorg prangai srupe kongkang..haha


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