Pencanting tegar


dreams come true

last..forgot ady what the day was.

is one of the thing that i can't tolerate with
frankly speak
can't u just be honest and spill it out?
its easier and erase all the questions in mind


i have found out that the guy that i really likee
hv the same feeling towards me tooooo

im at the NINTH CLOUD!
take me to the sky!!!!!

my prayers were granted
hope this is the right one..
that will last forever
the one that could love me,respect me for who i am
all the reasons because of Him.

Oh God,
if he is the right for me
if he is the ONE for me
let him stay with me
let us build life together onwards
bless us
till the end of our time
please let this relation makes us better persons 
makes us closer to You

if he is really the guy for me
save our relationship
make us closer
by the Ijab Qabul ceremony
tighten us with Iman
bless us and grant us happiness
for reality and eternity




Anonymous said...

rumateku...pndai brbga2...dh skrg ni..huhuhu

fadzlina said...

ciz sdar ke?hahaha


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