Pencanting tegar


pReciOus RelAtiOnsHip

to build a meaningful and precious relationship, a trust is a crucial thing.
as for me..a relationship ( that is COUPLE thingy which happens to be between a guy and a girl )
will only work with the prsence of these TWO things 


If you do not have either or both of them..your relationship will come to an end sooner than you think.

you should ALWAYS trust your partner that he/she loves you just the way you are.
sometime biting words may come out and it hurts us but love can always beat them our partner that no matter what happens, eventhough you have hurted them..DO NOT EVER SAY ABOUT LETTING YOU GO ON THE BASIS OF HE/SHE ARE MUCH HAPPIER WITHOUT YOU BECAUSE THAT IS TOTALLY DAMN WRONG!  
always trust that they will always love you because it shows how much you appreciate his/her love to you.

always be honest with your partner.tell them who are you befriend with..yes,sometime not everything we can tell our partner but by telling them who are your friends,it can reduce the risk of misunderstanding to happen.
tell them if anything seems to went wrong in your eyes.DISCUSS!

do not escape from problems.silence won't work in solving problems.

sincerely an advice from me,

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