Pencanting tegar


eyelashes on da go!!

eyelashes...the most important thing to have a pair of beautiful eyes..
most of the women..or should i say..all the women..wish that they have longer,thicker and more eyelashes for their eyes.. one of the women..:P
i have less eyelashes..thin and short..haiz
so..i try to look if there are any tips to make my eyelashes go better beside wearing mascara..

i've read a book..its says that to have a longer eyelashes...put some olive oil at your eyelashes every night before you go to bed.
im still working on it..
its been a week now...and i can see the difference from before...i think its working!
so...for those who have this kind of problem..why don't you try it?
not to worry..olive oil won't hurt your eyes..:D

good luck!

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