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cute+hot guys!

its been awhile since my last entry...huhu its because i don't have idea to write in here plus don't have the mood to write too..:P today, gonna talk about cute guys that i adore...wawawa

this is wu chun...he manage to catch my eyes in Hanazakarino Kimitachihe.
gosh..he's cute and sweet!i mean..just look at his lips!owh....its like "kiss me" cute leee..
he is one of the members in Fahrenheit..sosososo CUTE!but im not sure whether he's a taiwainese or chinese...same j la kan?:P

this is gong yoo..he's a korean!he's hot!!!i first recognize him in korean drama siries of Coffee Prince.
ngeh3...he's so damn cute and hot and macho and and......err...let juz say he's a prince charming!:P

milo ventigmilia!!!! this is hot!!he's more hot and cool in Heroes!hoho..
love him!!!

joo ji hoon!!ahaha..he's so macho in Princess Hour!i think he has a fine nose!
jealous~~ahaha...but..he's juzt too skinny...maybe he need to put some weight more so that he could be hotter than ever!!hoho

zac efron!!!he's so damn hot in High School Musical 2..:D
dun like her gf..shez like a biatch..ahaha

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