Pencanting tegar


Imbalanced hormone?

Salam Ramadhan Kareem guys.

Alhamdulillah we have been welcomed with numerous of good news and of course we are super excited about it.

Not sure whether its normal or  my imbalanced hormone, I am starting to feel sudden attack of sadness and whee whee moment. Rindu. Tak gerak lagi dah rindu. Bukan pergi mana pun.

Ya Allah, sungguh janji Kau tepat. Ada berita gembira bagi mereka yang sabar. Maka sabarkanlah lagi kami. Lindungilah kami. Jagalah keselamatan kami. Kau sebaik- baik penjaga.

And yet, I am just human. O Allah, please take care of us. More importantly, take care of our iimaann.

I am sad. Teary eyes. Both happy and sad tears. Can't tell which. Ntah.
Guide us please. Please let this Ramadhan better for us. Make us better slave of Yours.

Thank you Allah for answering our prayers. I have not yet being a good slave. Ungrateful. Complaints. Yet You showed loads of love upon us. Sorry for being amsuch ungrateful person.

Thank you

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