Pencanting tegar


kmpk lagi~~ tired2!!
next week there will be my maths and chem's quiz!
aiyoo...dun think im ready yet

i am so DAMN tension here...
mangkuk btul..
all of the students there are DAMN genius and smart lah..
there are 5 students from my tutorial class that have went to overseas sponsored by JPA.
guess wat...
they are the STRAIGHT A'S!!!
damn again..
me here...quite slow in receiving the info that i have learnt.
have to be so rajin2 la here.

to be hiperbola...
me in like a semut to the giants...
got it?semut to the giants!!!!
how small and ordinary i am compared to them..
study2 lah!!!

oh yes..
zul n nad are goin to uitm next week..gotta wish them luck!!!
miss u!!

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