Pencanting tegar



i've found a new website which was introduced by a friend..


its about Islam..
discuss every aspect of life from the perspective of Islam..
from work and of course..death..

nowadays,people don't really take Islam as our way of life but just take it as religion..
in IC...religion..Islam...
the way of life that they live in?
does it really reflect back their religion..?

im not trying to be"so good" in too..not that good..

but just look around us...
God has given us a brain..which can think...can differentiate between the good and bad..
He give us "iman" that we can pray to Him..

the rest?
its up to us...
you wanna be bad or good?
you wanna be in heaven or hell?
i'll be in hell for sure...but of course...
tuhan dah janji..umat Muhammad akan dimasukkan ke dalam syurga macam mana pon...
but don't take it for granted..
because we'll never know..what's waiting for us in the next world..
and how long will we be in there..

use up your precious brain..
take good care of your iman...


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