Pencanting tegar



remember my last post on "BUTTERFLY...UP..UP..N AWAY!"?
that im supposed to go out with friends to Butterfly Park today?
well,the plan didn't work for today..
delayed on Sunday because most of us can't make it today.(they're working lah)
and...fahmi came up with his idea to add up the place since its just nearby the park..
so,this sunday...we're not just going to Butterfly Park,but also Deer Park(its free!!!) and Bird Park(no sure yet because its expensive..rm30 per head!!lol)

backup plan:zoo negara...

p/s:the picture up there has nothing to do with this entry...just wanna to put it in here..
the picture was taken by eca during our class party..weee~~~
the KAMI production crew(which is us!:D) are responsible to arrange the party and it was marvellously fun!

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