Pencanting tegar


butterfly..up up n away!!!

me and fahmi(sorry dude.too lazy to link you..ahahah) has been planning for quite some time for our project..its called "jalan2 projek".what you think ah?ahaha

my head have turned quite "sewel" because being indoor for too,apologize and credit to zulhilmi my best buddy(also known as my pet bro..ahaha) because i have made him suffered with my "sengalness".so,to cure this disease..akaka..(what an exaggerate!)
i have to go out and suck all the fresh air out there and enjoying the nature..(and also..some shopping!don't forget shopping!:P)

so..i told fahmi..we are going out this wednesday..and..we're heading to BUTTERFLY PARK in KL!
why there?
well,most of the time(i must say all the time)..whenever we're going out together..the only place will point out from our mind is the mall..when i am in the mall with money in my purse...of's a spree time babe!!ahaha..and because of purse is thinner note(sad)

plus,i've never been to butterfly park yet..(i think i have..but its wayy long ago)
so..hopefully this plan will work..
i really want to go there and hang out with friends..
because i'm afraid maybe i won't have more time left to spend with themin the future..
there will more time for study only lah!
i have to get 4 flat for my matrix!
i promise!(hopefully..*praying2)

haih..that's all for now..later k..

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