Pencanting tegar


share the for y0ur skin!!'re gonna talk about skin care..
most of us..should i say ALL OF US really worried when suddenly your smooth looking face skin turned to the field of ZITS!
that is because best appearance give the best performance.
therefore,i want to share my own tips which i learnt from my mother on how to keep your smooth and beautiful skin.

the things that you need are..

some grain of rice...
a spoon of honey..

1.then..crush the rice until it become a million pieces..
it is encourage to crush it until it become powder
2.after that,take a teaspoon of honey bee and mix it up with the crushed rice..
3.clean your face and put the mixed rice+honey onto your dry skin
and massage your face for a couple of minutes..
4.wash your face and voila!you'll have a very smooth and soft skin..good luck!

(apply this at only once or twice a week)

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