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CARE is one of the world's leading international humanitarian agencies.
yeah,i found this in

u know..we've been very lucky to live in such a peace and harmony place like MALAYSIA..
but still...there are some of UNGRATEFUL people keep complaining for something that sometimes is unreasonable..
recently we heard that HINDRAF thingy that accused the government discriminate them..
well, i say..WHAT THE HELL??

plz people..itz been 50 years already..u will not have a place called HOME like MALAYSIA!
i think the government has been fair enough to all the races in this beloved country..
u want to argue about the speciality that has been given to the malays?
like HELLO?
don't u get it?that is why its called MALAYSIA..u know..MALAYsia...
just shut up and be grateful for every single minutes in your life dude!
we all have been matter what is your skin colour..your race..your beliefs..
doesn't matter...!

please...stop this nonsense and pay more attention..and i mean MORE attention to those in needs instead of arguing for something crappy!

SHARE every moments in your life with others..
CARE for every persons around you..
that is why god created us..the humans...
to play our each other..not destroying and complaining for something like duhhh..
think about it people..
we just live once..let this be our chance to do good things and help peoples...and the world

the CARE is one of the organization that shows the true humans role..
HELP.. the former president of America said in his book...GIVE

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